Health and Fitness Advantages of Rowing Machines and Low Impact Exercise

What does your age matter? Does being young or old matter very much? If you want to have a healthy and fit body age should not be an issue. Being interested in maintaining your body may be a reason that you are interested in investigating the health and fitness benefits of rowing machines.If you are looking for an exercise program that is low impact and therefore easier on your joints and other parts of your body than jogging is then this would be the machine of great interest to you. Rowers have always maintained that their water activity has a variety of benefits. In addition, if you row vigorously, which is a choice, you also improve your aerobic capacity. This is not always the case is some other fitness choices. A rowing machine will give a good aerobic exercise in conjunction with additional training equipment such as a rebounder trampoline or similar piece of equipment.Another term for the rowing machine is the ergometer. The machines today are actually built to make you feel that you have oars in your hands and are on the water rowing down a river. They monitor the work that you do while rowing. It can help you in reducing fat from the upper body and lower body. The areas that you could concentrate on are your arms and the muscles in your back as well as your buttocks and your thighs.Every single row will stretch and tone muscles. Rowing will tone such areas as torso, hips, pelvis, thigh, and stomach. You will also benefit in toning your shoulders and upper arms with each oar movement.This machine will not only tone but it will also strengthen core muscles. In doing regular workouts you find that your muscles have become stronger. These would include muscles in the chest, forearms, your shoulder muscles, and muscles in your calf. Heart and lung muscles will also benefit in being stronger and increase your lung and heart capacity.By the rhythmic pace at which you are exercising your body may be ready to enter the zone, which is fat burning. After your warm up, perhaps ten minutes or so, you enter this zone. Since burning a lot of calories is a benefit of this machine you may find that your workout time is less than if you were using some other method of exercise. You are on your way to losing weight if that was your only goal.Since you can adjust resistance and speed you can avoid any possible strain that might be put on your body. It really does not matter what fitness level you have already attained this machine will benefit in helping you reach a level of being more fit. It is perfect for the elderly since it is not high impact. Exercise will always be helpful in reducing your stress level so picture yourself on a river or lake and row away that stress.Our excuses for not exercising are numerous, such as no money or the gym is too far. The excuses have now disappeared as you can exercise in the home when you want. Not enough space in the home? Then take a look at the ones that are collapsible. Rowing at home will leave you without any excuse.

Health and Fitness Emotional Freedom Techniques From PTSD

For folks that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and yes, PTSD is real; it can be a living hell. A psychological nightmare that never ends and if you’ve ever met anyone suffering from this, you’d know just how serious it can get. When you do or if you have then you realize that until they are over this problem through therapy or the new Virtual Reality re-conditioning technologies, there can be no emotional freedom.According to a recent RAND Report “there are over 1.7 million service members returning from the conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan that may be among those who face mental health problems.” That statistic alone is scary and the percentages of PTSD are much higher than you might think. Rehabilitation is expensive, but necessary, because someone with damaged psyche can hurt themselves and others around them, and even if they do not go off physically, they can hurt those around them mentally and emotionally.The health and fitness of a returning soldier is crucial and their ability to adjust back does affect us all. Emotional Freedom techniques in this real require counseling, and that costs money. New virtual reality systems are very effective and yet they cost money too. Pre-conditioning too does wonders for our men and women in uniform, which are deployed into unnerving situations.Those who have had their friends and comrades blown up or killed in front of them by a random roadside bomb tend to be the worst off. Feeling helpless, and having survivor guilt, and so when they come back, adjusting into the world of yuppies, lattes, and la la land, surrounded by folks who just don’t understand. See the problem?

Life Coaching Towards Extraordinary Health and Fitness – What Stops Most People

Studies have shown that out of all the areas of life, people from most nations of the World rate “Health” the most important area of life and “great health” as the most important thing to have in life. So why is it so difficult for most people to consistently take action towards creating that result for themselves?Limiting BeliefsOf course there are many reasons or factors that could stop a person from taking consistent action towards great health and fitness in his or her life. But the most critical element that this article will focus on is “beliefs”. The beliefs that people have what it takes to eat in a more healthy way, to create a lifestyle that supports greater health and the beliefs that people have about “working out” or exercising seems to be the main factor that stops most people from creating the level of health and fitness that they desire for themselves.Their beliefs are also what keeps people in the repetitive cycle of exercising and/or eating healthy food and then stopping or “slacking off” for a long time and then starting again and stopping, and on and on it goes. Beliefs about what it takes to eat healthier, exercise, etc are what prevents consistency.What kinds of beliefs you ask? Well, let’s take exercising consistently as an example. This is what will possibly run through the mind of a person who hasn’t yet integrated the discipline and focus that is needed to be consistent with exercise:
“I have got work to do and must finish that first.”
“It is going to take too much time to exercise and there is so much I have to do.”
“The traffic on the way to the gym is going to take too much time to get through.”
“It is ok, I can give this workout session a miss because I won’t lose much if I miss this session.”
“I do not have enough time today. It is going to take at least 3 hours to get ready, pack the bag, drive to the gym, workout, then shower and change, and drive back home.”
And the list goes on and on…..Examples of beliefs that people have that stop them from consistently eating healthier food are:
“I will be missing out on all the good food I love to eat.”
“It is too much trouble and/or takes too much time to prepare healthy food.”
“It is easier to just go out an eat.”
“Healthy food (like organic) food costs more.”
“My body will be fine. It knows how to take care of itself.”
And that list goes on and on….So, the question we must really stop and ask ourselves when these beliefs and thoughts come up is – “Is it really true??” Is it really true that it takes too much time or too much effort or that you have to miss out on all the other stuff you like to do or eat? I’m just going to hallucinate that you answered “No, it’s not true.”I guarantee you, if you would just take a little bit of time to do a little research of your own or even easier, get a coach who knows about these things, then you will find out that lots, if not all of the beliefs you have that are stopping you from being consistent with the behaviors that support your greater health and fitness, are ALL UNTRUE and not valid.There are numerous ways, tons of strategies that you can use in order to create an even more healthy and fit body and lifestyle. But the first and most important thing to realize (and is what is the key that you get from this whole article) is that, you must first become aware now and realize how your beliefs about what is possible and not, are the only things that are stopping you from creating the quality of health and fitness that you really desire. And the quickest way to get out of the B.S. or belief systems (pun intended) is to ask yourself the question, “Is what I believe about this REALLY true?” At the very least that will cause your brain to begin to question what it is believing and open up to other possibilities. Once it is open to other possibilities, it can then go find them and present them to you.Of course this whole article is NOT for you personally but maybe you know other people close to you that desire more health and fitness and need a few pointers in order to create the consistency that they need to create greater health and fitness for themselves. And if you are wondering how I am pretty accurate about what runs through people’s minds, well guess what – I’ve obviously has those thoughts before.Thanks for taking the time to read this…