Christmas Gift Ideas – Annual Holiday Insurance

With the Christmas season fast approaching our attention begins to shift to gift ideas for our loved ones. For some an easy task, but for most finding the ideal gift is a battle involving internet searching, browsing through crowded shopping malls and carefully placing hints for ideas from the people themselves.Most people will not consider a financial services product as a gift this holiday season, but what better gift could there be than a gift that keeps on giving for the whole year. Annual holiday insurance cover, or Annual Multi-trip travel insurance as it is often known, could be the ideal gift for an individual, couple or family who travel abroad on holiday. Not only would you be giving them a gift, but you would also be giving and getting peace of mind that your loved ones are covered for the next twelve months. Annual holiday insurance comes in a wide range and variety of cover, but in the main the policies cover trips and holidays for a twelve month period as long as each holiday does not exceed a certain length, most are thirty one days, but some policies exist that allow for up to ninety days per trip.Perhaps annual holiday insurance is not the most suitable type of product for your loved ones, that’s not a problem; there are many other types of travel insurance policies that exist. Perhaps you have a student relative taking a gap year or long trip away next year – what about backpacker travel insurance? Backpacker travel insurance (sometimes known as gap year travel insurance) can cover trips from one to eighteen months in duration and has options to include activity cover and return home cover during the trip.Regardless of the person or the trip plans they have there is a suitable travel insurance policy available. What’s more you can buy travel insurance online, meaning that you do not need to venture to the over-populated shops, battle to find a parking space and can save your ankles from the over eager person with the trolley!